Who I Help

New patient visits include a comprehensive review of your medical history and current concerns, relevant physical exams, and treatment recommendations that are individualized to your unique needs.

90 minutes

Follow-up visits include a review of treatment progress, including lab or imaging results, and adjust interventions, if indicated. New conditions may also be discussed if they arise.

40-60 minutes



Well-child exams providing an assessment of your child's growth and development as well as addressing any questions and concerns that you may have as a parent or caregiver, including unbiased vaccine education

☛ Eczema/allergies/food intolerances

☛ Acute illness (colds, flu, digestive, etc)

☛ Adolescent health


☛ Hormone, neurotransmitter, & detox pathway testing

☛ Assessing for nutritional deficiencies or other underlying medical conditions

☛ Treatment options include nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, physical activity, medications, and more.


Following WPATH guidelines, prescribing and monitoring of medications and associated labs for gender affirmation care.


☛ Annual pelvic exams, including PAP/HPV testing if needed

☛ Contraception counseling

☛ Fertility & pre-conception care including optimization of egg and sperm quality with nutrient support, education around recognizing signs of fertility, and connection with additional community resources.
☛ Acute illness and mental health management during pregnancy
☛ Breastfeeding support in primary care (not lactation consulting)
☛ Postpartum complaints

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