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How to succeed in (classroom) business without really trying--or, how to help kids study efficiently

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

If you weren't already homeschooling when this pandemic started, I have a feeling you'll relate when I say that the adjustment to comprehensive distance learning was as smooth as an acne-riddled teenager's face.

If you can relate to this, I'm guessing your kid has been complaining that there's too much to learn, they can't keep up with assignments, and both of you are probably worried about them ending up with bad grades if you can't figure out a system that will work for your family.

But, when you do figure out a system that works and help organize their school day in a way that will work for YOUR family (not just the schedule outlined by the school), your kid will be able to learn effectively & efficiently, keep up with assignments, and maintain good grades and, more importantly, the gain the increased self esteem that comes with knowing that they have actually learned something rather than just memorizing facts.

I have two children that have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum; this presented an even more specific challenge of navigating learning with a brain that sees and processes the world differently. For them, autism has not been an intellectual disability, but it has been a challenge to help them learn in a standardized way. What has been incredibly helpful, even pre-pandemic, was figuring out their learning styles and working with the schools to help deliver the material in a format that would work with that. My daughter was able to find her learning groove, took a number of accelerated courses in high school (including some college classes), and graduated with honors.

I've taken the strategies that have worked with my daughter and applied it in home when my son had to switch to distance learning this year and it has been a lifesaver! Yes, we still have rough days, but he is truly excelling and looks forward to the material that is being taught. I've shared these strategies with several of my patient's families and the members of my online club and the feedback has been amazing! One mom was talking about how she had been worried that her kids might have to repeat a grade when we started working on this and she now jokes that they are smarter than her!

If your family is feeling stuck, start with this simple steps that have worked for us:

1) figure out your kids' learning styles

2) structure studying to use that style


4) Make adjustments as you go

If you don't already know your kid's learning style, download the learning style questionnaire attached to this post.

Leave a comment with any strategies that have worked for you so far and, if you're comfortable, please share what learning style your kids sorted into.

Also, I'm here to support you, so please send me a chat if your family is struggling and you need more help.

Download PDF • 2.15MB

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